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Version 2.08
Admission Procedure

New Students

1. Original copy of High School Card (Form 138)(Secondary Scholastic Records)
2. Certificate of Good Moral Character
3. Birth Certificate (Photocopy)
4. Two pcs 2x2 picture


1. Transcript of Records
2. Transfer Credentials
3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
4. Two pcs 2x2 picture

Admission for Foreign Students

A foreign student who is seeking admission to the Philippine School and still in the country of origin at the time of application must observe the following procedures:

1. An Authenticated documents of the following from the Philippine Service Post from the country of origin must be submitted:

a. Scholastic Records including diploma (High School or College)
b. Affidavit of Support
c. Bank Statement

2. Upon Submission of the above-mentioned documents:

a. A student is required to pay an acceptance fee for foreign students.
b. A letter of acceptance will be issued to the student for reference purposes before the issuance of a student visa (9F) from his country of origin.
c. The student is also required to fill out five copies of Personal History Statements with picture and thumb mark attached to it. Once these are completed, all documents will be submitted to the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.

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