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Welcome to Airlink International

Air Link International Aviation College offers Bachelor of Science in Aviation as well as an array of other aviation related courses, including Private Pilot Courses and Commercial Pilot Courses. Air Link accepts international students.

"According to Asian & International Airlines Association (AIAA), Asia alone needs 19,000 fully qualified airline pilots every year up to 2030. It is about time to start your dreams now for a profession which is highly paid. Most likely airlines prefer to hire an FAA rated pilots. Our school can provide this. Your training will start in the Philippines for one year and your advance and final training will be done in our facilities, USA."

The primary campus is located at the General Aviation Area near the Domestic Airport in Manila, Philippines. A scenic three-hectare campus facility in the island of Lubang, Occidental Mindoro allows for more intensive yet safe training for its flying and ground students.

The college maintains a fleet of 28 live aircraft, including a 64 passenger YS-11 plane. There are single and twin engine computerized flight simulation training equipment and up-to-date avionics. The school is also proud to have experienced faculty and staff that have served in the aviation industry for years.

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